August 08, 2020

Affect full-color LED display light with four elements

Affect full-color LED display light with four elements The quality of the LED display depends on the display's light strip. The LED display light plays a very important role to ensure the quality of the display light, in order to ensure the quality of the entire LED display, of course, will naturally extend the LED The service life of the display. The person in charge of the full-color LED display here introduces several important factors affecting the LED display strips.

1. Power supply factor. The LED display light is usually powered by a constant voltage power supply. The person in charge of the full-color LED display reminds that if the output of the power supply is unstable or there is no effective protection measure, unstable voltage will be output when the external network voltage fluctuates. The current, which causes the LED light to work under a non-standard voltage, will also affect the service life of the LED display light, which will directly affect the normal use of the LED display.

2. Because LED light strips use constant current components, LED lights produced by different manufacturers have different constant current effects, and of course their lifetimes are different. The full-color LED display mainly produces various LED display screens and components. The quality of the products is guaranteed. For the effective guarantee of the quality of the light strips, it also has a high reputation.

3. The poor toughness of the copper wire or flexible circuit board with LED display lights can cause the LED light to break when it is bent, and this time will also affect the life of the LED light. Therefore, the person in charge of a full-color LED display suggests that effective protection measures must be taken to ensure the resilience of the lamp circuit board.

4. The LED is an electrostatic sensitive component. If the anti-static measures are not taken when the LED strip is repaired, the LED will be burned, causing waste. If you can't solve the problem when you repair the LED display light, you can directly find professional full-color LED display technicians to carry out timely maintenance and prolong the service life of the LED light strip.

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