August 08, 2020

Intelligent LED lighting trend

Intelligent LED lighting trend

Intelligent lighting not only changes the luminous body, but also incorporates various modern technologies such as communication, sensing, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, and the achievement of light is not merely an effect of light. The concept of intelligent lighting: First, to change the brightness through the sensor, let the light to adapt to people; second is the light as the transmission medium, as the receiver.

In the context of rising global energy shortage worries, LED lighting is the lighting product that has the greatest potential to replace traditional incandescent lamps in the 21st century and has attracted people's attention in the field of lighting. Many people in the LED lighting industry chain stated that intelligence is the development direction of LED lighting. Jing Zi, general manager of precision industry, said that LED lighting is entirely possible to intelligent development, but it will take five years to popularize.

Head of Philips Electronics Development Group Guo Sui also said: "LED intelligent is the direction of development, but because of the high cost of the current intelligent market demand is small. I think it should be divided into two phases, first LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, in this foundation I think it will be more realistic to develop some applications such as intelligentization. In the short term, for the Chinese market, smart lighting is doing some exploration or research on technology, and the cost performance is more valued.".

From the perspective of the Chinese market, although the LED lighting market gradually matured in 2013, the LED lighting market has always been constrained by high prices and failed to open a huge market. Ordinary LED lighting market still needs a brewing time, let alone intelligent LED lighting market? NAO Shi lighting power engineer Tao Shuxi said that LED intelligence has already begun and many companies are already studying it. It is only due to price factors that it needs to be gradually promoted in terms of price, systematization, and standardization.

Hu Xinbin, director of R&D Department of Optoelectronics, also pointed out that although intelligent product performance is relatively good, the price is relatively high and consumer acceptance is not high, and the market is still relatively small. If we want to popularize, we must increase the quantity and the space for it will be large. It only takes a transitional period.

LED smart lighting not only has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, but also can change people's lifestyle and habits through intelligent, user-friendly control technology, and find a new light environment experience and application for lighting. Therefore, as people in the industry have stated, the intelligentization of LED lighting is bound to be the future direction of development. However, at present, "intelligent lighting" is in the absence of standards, there are many technical problems to be solved urgently, and the application market needs to be cultivated at the initial stage, and its development needs A brewing time.

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