June 02, 2020

The first high-power underwater LED light came out 8 meters deep from the bottom to the top

LED lights can be placed directly underwater! It does not need to be sealed in the underwater tube box, and the maximum power can reach 163 watts. In the giant algae tank of eight meters deep, the light can reach the top and the service life reaches 50,000 hours.
Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that in August this year, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of the City of Qingdao Jinhai Shark Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the world's first high-power LED underwater biological lighting, and was Qingdao 2014 World Expo. The Marine Plants Pavilion is used for aquatic plant breeding and landscape lighting. At that time, the public can see the bright giant algae tanks in the Marine Plants. Song Xinzhi, director of the company's marketing, said, "We are using nano-sealing technology that allows different media to be completely bonded. Moreover, this lamp is non-polluting and can be placed in natural waters."

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