June 02, 2020

AUO Q3 profit 2.5 billion Taiwan dollars Q4 force ultra high-definition panel

A few days ago, AU Optronics announced its own settlement of the third quarter consolidated financial report. The financial report shows that in the third quarter, the company's net profit after tax was 2.51 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), the combined turnover in the first three quarters was 313.66 billion yuan, and the net profit after tax in the first three quarters was 3.172 billion yuan.

"It should be said that the performance is still good. In terms of the overall market demand in the third quarter, in addition to the strong demand for smart phones, other panel applications are relatively low." Li Yaqin, research director of Qunzhi Consulting, said that from the survey shipments, AUO's shipments in mobile phones and tablets are relatively stable, and the product structure is getting larger and larger, so it is of great help to digest its capacity.

AUO said that in the third quarter, due to inventory adjustments by TV brand customers, panel prices fell more than expected. Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the company will actively develop new products with growth potential, such as a full range of UHD (Ultra HD) 4K TV panels or large-screen smart phone panels.

“In terms of its own products and production capacity, AUO has cooperated with several brands of China Coollink in this respect; and from the strategy of customer cooperation, the cooperation relationship between AUO’s core customers is relatively stable. Such as Samsung, Sony, Changhong and Lenovo." Li Yaqin further added.

It is understood that the current penetration rate of UHD ultra-high-definition TV is further improved, and the penetration rate in flat-panel TVs reached 4.62% in September. The rapid development of UHD ultra-high-definition TV comes from the positive attitude of upstream panel suppliers to promote 4K panels.

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