September 18, 2020

Suzhou Dushu Lake Christian Church Lighting Design

Suzhou Dushu Lake Christian Church is located in the southeast of Suzhou Industrial Park and on the east bank of Dushu Lake. It is a typical western Gothic-style oriental architecture and won the “2008 Seventh China International Interior Design Biennale Gold Award”. The overall structure of the church is bounded by a square. The chapel on the north side has a building area of ​​2,579 square meters. It faces south and faces a Latin cross with a total of three floors. On the west side of the chapel is the clock tower, 51 meters high, with five different bronze bells, which can play Westminster music, and can also be heard. The pastor building on the south side of the square has an auditory room, an archive room, and a reception room.

The designer did not follow the architectural outline to lay the line lights. The façade lighting method mostly brightened the architectural details from the bottom up, the light color was static, or warm white, or warm yellow, and the church facade was elevated. A holy image in the night. Dushu Lake Church is the first Chinese-English bilingual church in the future. It will develop into a “shepherd, environment-friendly, music-type” Christian church in the future, achieving organic integration of diversity.

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